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Stone Recordings (1989-1990)

By the end of the 1980’s heath problems had finally forced Andy to totally retire from any kind of showbiz work. Professionals had advised Andy that, now, it really was “…time to hang up the sporran…” – indeed to view “work” as a “dirty word”. Given the situation, he had no idea that the media spotlight would shine on him (and an old friend) once again at the dawn of the Nineties.

The label Stone Records was a spin-off of the Swedish label Sonet Records. The UK division had been headed by Rod Buckle, who had heard Radio 1 DJ Simon Mayo giving airtime to Andy’s ‘Donald Where’s Your Troosers?’, and decided to rush release the classic for the lucrative Christmas market…

Donald, Where’s Your Troosers?

Donald, Where's Your Troosers? 12 inch 45rpm

The re-release of ‘Donald, Where’s Your Troosers?‘ in 1989 took Andy completely by surprise: ” It was a great surprise to me. I was sittin’ in the hoose one night and the phone rang. It was another record company, and he said “…they tell me you’re aiming for number one at Christmas this year…” – I said: “You’re Joking?” and I quickly whipped out my diary to make sure it wisnae the 1st of April! It all just happened very suddenly, and very strangely. It’s one of these things that happen in show business. I got a lovely post-card from Jimmy Logan: “We know that you sold 75% of the rights, but don’t go into mourning just yet!””.

Twenty-four years after his last UK chart hit, Andy found himself competing in the festive market against the likes of Cliff Richard. The single was marketed as a “novelty” song – complete with a cartoon picture-sleeve, perfect for Christmas/New Year parties and sold an amazing 380,000 copies in three weeks, peaking at a respectable number four on the Christmas week chart. The success of the single was helped no end by heavy airplay from the then UK Radio One breakfast DJ Simon Mayo, Andy acknowledged this by providing Mayo with a “soundbite” jingle of his own: “Hey Simon! Where’s Your Troosers?”.

Although strictly speaking the single was a reissue, some “new” material was included on one of the three formats. The single was released in three variations: a 7-inch single, a cassette-single equivalent and a 12-inch vinyl version which included a special “dance” remix; ‘The Highland Fling Mix‘. The fourth track on the 12″ is listed on the label as ‘They’re Playing Country Music‘ – 1983 Licensed from Lismor Recordings – however this licensing deal must have fallen through, as the song does not appear on the vinyl, a shortened version of ‘The Highland Fling Mix’ is included instead.

Of interest, Rossini was partly credited as the author of ‘A Scottish Soldier’ on the B-side of this release for the first and only time.

Year of Release: 1989
Label: Stone
Catalogue Number: SON 2353 (7″ single)


A SCOTTISH SOLDIER (Rossini Arr MacFadyen, lyrics; Andy Stewart)

Catalogue Number: SONL 2353 (12″ single)

DONALD, WHERE’S YOUR TROOSERS? (The Highland Fling Mix) (Stewart/Grant)
Remixed by The Party Posse. Executive producer: Kevin A. Roberts for Hall of Fame Productions.


A SCOTTISH SOLDIER (Rossini Arr MacFadyen, lyrics; Andy Stewart)

DONALD, WHERE’S YOUR TROOSERS? (The Highland Fling Mix – Version) (Stewart/Grant)

Highest UK Chart position: 4

Donald, Where’s Your Troosers?

The Highland Fling Mix


Scotland Scotland (Rabble F.C. Featuring Andy Stewart)

Scotland Scotland 45rpm

“A Scots rabble is the worst of its kind” wrote ‘Robinson Crusoe’ author Daniel Defoe in 1707. However Scottish football supporters happily accept the “rabble” description in good spirit, when converging on foreign soil for an international match. The country in question this year was Italy as Scotland had qualified (for a remarkable fifth time in a row) for the World Cup: Italia 90. Scots always have high-hopes regarding football, against all-odds when it comes to supporting their team, and Andy Stewart was persuaded to assist in the rabble-rousing-record ‘Scotland Scotland‘.

Rod Buckle of Stone Records signed the unknown band Rabble FC after being sent a copy of the band’s World Cup song. A copy was then sent to Andy in Arbroath; Buckle looking to capitalise on the success enjoyed a few months earlier.

Andy agreed to provide three talking comedy verses in cod-Italian, affected English accent and cockney. However recovering from recent heart problems and viral infections, Andy was unable to make the recording session at Hart Street Studios in Edinburgh, so producer Kenny Denton took a digital recorder to Arbroath and recorded Andy’s contributions in the unlikely setting of his bedroom.

The record label hoping to repeat the chart success of ‘Donald, Where’s Your Troosers?’ would be sadly disappointed. As it turned out, unfortunately, so would the Scottish football fans.

This was Andy’s final appearance on a 7″ vinyl single.

(‘Giro D’Italia‘ is an instrumental and does not feature Andy).

Year of Release: 1990
Label: Stone
Catalogue Number: SON 2356


GIRO D’ITALIA (R. Gillespie)

Scotland Scotland

Rabble F.C. featuring Andy Stewart


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